Learn the Amazing Art of Macro Photography

Beautiful Butterfly

Macro Photography Workshops. Capturing the tiny world around you, in sharp, imaginative close-up can be very challenging. Our macro photography workshops provide you with the tools to help you get tak-sharp, close-ups of insects, flowers and small objects. Learn the best techniques required to produce some amazing, macro photography.

Whether you’re looking to shoot bugs or simply small objects our macro photography workshops help transform your photography into amazing, detailed, images. By learning the basics, you’ll be more comfortable out on location so you can enjoy macro shooting and get better images.

Macro Photography Workshops Agenda:

Macro photography is seriously rewarding, once you understand the basics rules and techniques. Our Macro Photography Courses are mostly hands-on. We can also take you to some beautiful locations which include some of the best parks where you’ll find plenty of bugs.

Bee on Leaf

Photography Packages

Everything can be arranged for you including healthy food, beverage and transportation, to give you a trouble-free photo shoot under our ever-present guidance. What better way to become more active than to venture outside with a camera for the day!


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