Cityscape Photography Courses and Workshops

Cityscape Photography

Cityscape Photography Workshops. Capturing cityscapes can be very rewarding while challenging. Our workshops will teach you how to create and produce beautiful architectural, images. We provide you with the essential tools and techniques required for cityscape photography.

From detailed cityscapes to incredible night scenes, we will assist in transforming your photography into captivating, images.

By learning the basics, you’ll be more comfortable out on location. Therefore, you can enjoy the city skyline while shooting better photos. What better way to improve your lifestyle and health, than a stroll around your chosen city with a camera.

Cityscape Photography Workshops Include:

  • Using and understanding the right camera equipment
  • Selecting the best cityscape locations
  • Selecting the best times for shooting cityscapes
  • Learn how composition improves your cityscape photography
  • Learning your camera settings (aperture and shutter speeds)
  • Using and understanding filters such as ND and Polarisers
  • Learn how to correctly expose each shot and its effects
  • Understanding ‘bracket shooting’ and the best times to use it

Cityscape photography can be very rewarding. Even more, once you understand and master the basics rules and composition. Our Cityscape Photography workshops are mostly 20% theory and 80% hands-on. We can escort you to some of the most beautiful locations. This includes some of the best city skylines.


Photography Packages

Everything can be arranged for you including healthy food, beverage and transportation, to give you a trouble-free photo shoot under our ever-present guidance.

Why not contact us today for more information and improve your cityscape photography. If I happen to be in your area and you’d love to meet up for a complimentary shoot stay in touch. Sign up to my newsletter to know where I’ll be shooting. If you’re a company in Singapore why not see our Thailand Photography Hunt team building event!